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The Cliff Ravenscraft Show

The Cliff Ravenscraft Show is my "primary" public podcast, devoted to helping you take your message, your business and your life to the next level. If you were to only subscribe to one podcast, as your first podcast that I produce, it is my hope that this is the show that you'd choose to start with.

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Encouraging Others Through Christ

Launched in 2006, this podcast has evolved remarkably from its roots in evangelical Christianity. This podcast took a significant turn in 2021 after I embarked on a journey of Spiritual Awakening and Deconstruction.

Today, while I continue to cherish The Bible and my relationship with Jesus, I integrate diverse perspectives from various spiritual paths like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shamanism, among others. 

This podcast stands as a safe haven for those on a Spiritual Awakening journey or going through a Deconstruction process.

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Train With Cliff Audio Journal

The Train With Cliff Audio Journal Podcast is a "premium/paid" podcast that contains some of the highest value tips, tools, strategies, techniques and insights that my best clients pay tens of thousands of dollars to attain from me personally.

If you desire to discover the truth about what really goes into into running an incredibly profitable online business, and turning your dreams into reality, this is the podcast for you. You'll get all the behind the scenes information related to the experiences of my own personal and entrepreneurial journey through life.

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Upgrade Your Peer Group - The Power of Mastermind Groups

Discover the power of the Mastermind Principle and Mastermind Groups.

This podcast will explore how the quality of your life will improve, on every level, when make a conscious effort to upgrade your peer group and develop a mastermind alliance in an effort to support all that you desire to create in this world.

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Cliff's Notes on Profitable Coaching

Cliff's Notes on Profitable Profitable Coaching is a podcast devoted to building a profitable coaching business.

Inspired by the book, The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin, I share the insights that helped me master the Prosperous Coach Method for Creating Clients. 

If you have a desire to build a PROFITABLE career out of serving others through paid coaching, this is the podcast for you.

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What Are You Creating?

This is my "Interview Based Podcast."

For most of my podcasts, I prefer a solo-hosted format where I can share my experiences with an area of life that I am extremely passionate about.

I created this podcast devoted to interviews and conversations with people who are intentional about what they want to create in this life.

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ALL-NEW Podcast Answer Man

The Podcast Answer Man Is Back! Originally, Podcast Answer Man was launched in December 2006 and was rebranded, after 438 episodes, to The Cliff Ravenscraft Show. The ALL-NEW version of Podcast Answer Man was launched August 2021 where every episode will be evergreen content on the topic of Podcasting.

Whether you are brand new to the world of podcasting, or if you have been podcasting for many years, this is THE PODCAST about podcasting you don't want to miss.

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Currently Active Productions

All the shows listed above are active productions hosted on the website.

Below you will find links other currently "active" shows.

Thriving Mosaic Podcast

This is the professional podcast of Stephanie Ravenscraft. This show can be found on Stephanie's Website.

Family From The Heart

An authentic, unscripted, look into lives of a family who have given up on the ordinary to pursue the lives for which they were created. (View Episodes)

Currently Inactive / Archived Productions

Below are currently inactive and/or permanently archived shows that we have created in the past.

Twilight Saga Podcast

Cliff and Stephanie review each of the chapters of all the books within the Twilight Saga and also review each of the movies. (View Episodes)

Hunger Games Podcast

Cliff and Stephanie share their initial reaction to the Hunger Games Book Series. (View Episodes)

Weekly LOST Podcast

The is the podcast that launched the entire network and transformed the lives of Cliff & Stephanie forever. (View Episodes)

Virtual Assistant Podcast

38 Podcast Episodes Where Cliff Answers All Your Questions About Hiring A Virtual Assistant. (View Episodes)

The Community Voice

Have you ever heard of the 1,000 True Fans Principle? Do you remember the Sesame Song "Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?" This is the podcast where I share conversations with those who make what I do in this world possible. (View Episodes)

Authentic Life Radio

Stephanie and Sara share their journey as they attempt to live authentic lives that makes a positive impact on their world. (View Episodes)

Lord of The Rings Fan Podcast

This is a podcast for someone like me, Cliff Ravenscraft, a Tolkien novice who has a deep amount of respect and appreciation for the world that Tolkien built and who would like to go deeper into exploration of what this world may have to offer. (View Episodes)

Successful Life Mindset

A show devoted to encouraging you to live your life to its greatest potential.  (View Episodes)

Balanced Living Weekly

For two years, I did a podcast with my great friend, Father Roderick Vonghogen. This podcast originally started as a fan podcast devoted to the Biggest Loser TV Show. (View Episodes)

Almost Daily Devotional

The Almost Daily Devotional is a podcast that I started back in March of 2008. I had just recently left my career in insurance to pursue podcasting full-time. (View Episodes)

Help I Got A Mac

This show could be called "Retro Tech" at this point. This show contains 180 episodes devoted to all things Apple, including Macs, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and iEverything Else. All produced between 2007 through 2012 (View Episodes)

Pursuing A Balanced Life

Over 600 episodes of audio journal format content covering nearly a full decade of my own personal and professional growth journey (View Episodes)

Social Media Serenity

The Social Media Serenity podcast was a show produced from July 2009 through January 2012. Over 100 episodes devoted to all things social networking including lots of content focused on the early days the big networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. (View Episodes)


Business Tech Weekly

Business Tech Weekly was a show produced from September 2009 through January 2012. Over 100 episodes that devoted were to helping small to medium size businesses stay on top of the latest and greatest in the world of technology. (View Episodes)

Veronica Mars Fan Podcast

Cliff and Stephanie share their thoughts on the Veronica Mars Television Show. (View Episodes)

Grey's Anatomy Fan Podcast

Cliff and Stephanie share their thoughts on the first six seasons of the Grey's Anatomy Television Show. (View Episodes)

Desperate Housewives Fan Podcast

Cliff and Stephanie share their thoughts on the seasons 5 and 6 of the Desperate Housewives Television Show. (View Episodes)

More Shows In The Vault!

There are MANY MORE shows in the archives. However, only the ones mentioned above successfully passed the selection criteria during the 2022 initiative to restore access to these older programs.