The Generally Speaking Production Network was created by Cliff Ravenscraft and Stephanie Ravenscraft in December 2005.  What started out as a single podcast devoted to the television show, LOST, turned into an entire network of podcast productions that entertained, educated, encouraged and inspired many hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

Cliff is currently working on a "low priority project" to migrate the archives of the gspn.tv network of podcasts to this new platform. There are THOUSANDS of episodes to migrate. Eventually, he may create a wonderful about page here.  Until then, you can read about the gspn.tv network on Wikipedia or you can watch the video below to learn more about what this network was all about.

Both Cliff and Stephanie are still producing content today. However, over time it became clear that the "podcast network" business model was not going to allow them to create what they most wanted to create in the world.  The most up date date information related to what Cliff and Stephanie are up to today can be found at CliffRavenscraft.com and StephanieRavenscraft.com.