Join The Community! 

That has been the tagline for since 2005


A great deal has changed over the years since we launched 

The reason I've crated this page is due to the fact that I'm working on building this new website for the network.

Many years ago, we used to host a community forum which later morphed into a full stand alone social network for  However, the platform we used back then is no longer around today.

There was a season when I, Cliff Ravenscraft, began to focus more on the podcast and online business coaching and consulting side of things and the whole (network) side of things slowly faded into the background.


In the mean time...

Stephanie and I had launched a new Free The Dream Community endeavor, even creating a LIVE CONFERENCE which you can learn more about at

In July 2021, I felt inspired to return to our roots with (the network). I'm currently in the process of migrating the archives of most of our shows to this new website.

Going through some of the older episodes of The Community Voice Podcast, there is a lot of mention in the first 32 episodes of the website.  Since that site is no longer active, I decided to have that URL point to this page.

So while the tagline is still "Join The Community" there is no single home for our community as of right now.


Until further notice, joining the community means the following:

  • Listen to any of our shows.
  • Provide feedback to us when something we say resonates with you. (Email us, comment on social media, etc).
  • Listen for us to share ways to connect with us in community gatherings such as "LIVE SHOWS" and various other events that will likely be announced.

Right now, I'm most active on CLUBHOUSE.  I am @CliffEOTC on Clubhouse and I encourage you to become a member of the Free The Dream Club.

Other Social Media Channels: